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lilhoniebear's Journal

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it's a long way down when your hopes are high as mountains and i'm worried that i'm falling for you

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there are only two things in the world that scare me, and one is dentists. the other, of course, is being buried alive. ugly boys run a close third, along with girls who are on constant PMS-mode and sleepless nights.

but i do enjoy some things on this crazy, mixed-up godforsaken planet. i take pleasure in holding hands with this beautiful boy, season dvds, books read with a cup of delicable pearl milk tea, ... and good music. lots of it.

i know a lot about seemingly irrelevant matters. but we all know that the world's entire livelihood thrives on such information. in which case, i will ultimately reign as supreme ruler of planet earth. this precise knowledge helps me live each passing day with a certain level of contentment, and, if you're nice to me, i might even let you have denmark.

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